Lab Meetings


Friday mornings 9:00 am


REMOTE MEETING LOGIN DETAILS (for CMRG Members and Guests) can be found in the CMRG Google Shared Drive, document: Coronavirus Shut Down Info

February 18th – led by: Lisa Pankewitz, Dani Gonzalez, Pranav Embar

February 25th – led by: Min Wang, Brendan Crabb

March 4th – Goals/progress meeting

March 11th – Guest speaker – Alex Noonan, Swithin Razu

March 18th – Asuka Hatano, Marcus Hock

March 25th – César Chávez Holiday

April 1st – Goals/progress meeting

April 8th – John Foster, Yasser Abdelrahman

April 15th – Ren Tang, Bo Zhang, Ariel Wang

April 22nd – Rebecca Gow, Sachin Govil

April 29th – Annabelle Fowler, Dani Gonzalez, Chris Anderson thesis defense 10 am PST (

May 6th – Goals/progress meeting (canceled)

May 13th – Swithin Razu, Pranav Embar, Min Wang

May 20th – Katie Knaus, Brendan Crabb, Asuka Hatano

May 27th – Joe Powers, Marcus Hock, Lisa Pankewitz

June 3rd – Goals/progress meeting

June 10th – Ariel Wang, Ren Tang, Abby Teitgen

June 17th – Bo Zhang, Yasser Abdelrahman, John Foster

June 24th – Rebecca Gow, Sachin Govil, Lisa Pankewitz

July 1st – Goals/progress meeting

July 8th – Annabelle Fowler, Dani Gonzalez, Swithin Razu

July 15th – Pranav Embar, Min Wang, Katie Knaus

Refreshment UPDATE:

Remote Meetings are strictly BYOB (Bring Your Own Bagels) 🙂