Cardiac Mechanics Research Group

The Cardiac Mechanics Research Group is based in the Department of Bioengineering and the Cardiology Division of the Department of Medicine at UCSD. Our research focus is on the mechanics and electrical dynamics of the normal and diseased heart from molecular to organ scales. The principal investigators are Andrew McCulloch and Jeff Omens, and we are funded by the NIH, NSF and other sponsors. Learn more »


  • We are seeking one or two graduate students, either PhD or Master’s candidates, to work on the Cardiac Atlas Project ( starting Fall quarter 2022. Students will work with world-renowned researchers and clinicians to create patient-specific computational models of congenital heart defect architecture and function during growth and remodeling. Bioengineering, physiology, pre-Med or similar backgrounds preferred. Training will be provided. Excellent communication skills, independence, and self-motivation required. If interested, please contact Dr. Andrew McCulloch ( and Dr. Jeff Omens ( with your resume/CV.

  • We are also seeking up to 5 undergraduate student researchers to conduct mouse exercise studies starting in Fall 2022. Requirements: science background, ability to work several consecutive hours in the early afternoon (1-4pm) several days per week for at least one year, willingness and ability to calmly and quietly handle mice (training will be provided), ability to pass animal research background and health clearance as required by UCSD IACUC and ACP, ability to work well in a small team, ability to learn quickly, excellent oral and written communication skills and record keeping, excellent time management skills, punctual, independent, focused and detail-oriented. Positions will be paid after one successful quarter of volunteer research and training. Recommendations and course credit may also be available. Serious inquiries only. Please contact Jennifer Stowe ( with your resume/CV.