Lab Meetings


Friday mornings 9:00 am

Link to Current Lab Meeting slides:


REMOTE MEETING LOGIN DETAILS (for CMRG Members and Guests) can be found in the CMRG Google Shared Drive, document: Coronavirus Shut Down Info

January 8th – led by Jen with Guest Speaker Swithin Razu, post doc candidate, talk titled: “Modeling Knee Mechanics using Musculoskeletal and Stability Models”

January 15th – led by Kevin Vincent with Guest Speaker Katie Knaus, post doc candidate, talk titled “Computational modeling combined with imaging to study complex relationships between muscle form and function”

January 22nd – lab meeting cancelled

January 29th – led by: Shulin Cao

February 5th – led by: Abby Teitgen

February 12th – led by: Ariel Wang

February 19th – led by: Marcus Hock

February 26th – led by: Sachin Govil

March 5th – led by: Lisa Pankewitz

March 12th – led by: Joe Powers

March 19th – led by: Kevin Vincent

March 26th – César Chávez Holiday

April 2nd – led by: Sandhya Sihra

Refreshment UPDATE:

Remote Meetings are strictly BYOB (Bring Your Own Bagels) 🙂

Because of recent law suits involving companies providing employees with refreshments (food/drink), which the IRS considers benefits provided to the employees without taxation, the lab can no longer reimburse refreshment expenses for every lab meeting. There is a very strongly-defined criteria for how often employees may be given refreshments (twice per month for light refreshments or once per month for meals, defined by cost per person). The lab would like to use these few instances to continue to provide occasional parties, larger group/collaborator meetings, and other lab events (like large happy hours and celebrations). This is a newly-enforced UCSD policy, not a lab policy. Thank you for your understanding.