Anushka Michailova

Anushka Michailova, Ph.D. (1952-2014)

Associate Project Scientist

My research focuses on using mathematical methods to model and better understand cardiac muscle cells; delineating Ca2+ mediated signaling, excitation-contraction coupling, excitation-transcription coupling, and energy metabolism. These studies have the common theme of developing mathematical models in terms of ordinary and partial differential equations, numerical methods, and dynamic systems analysis in order to solve problems. In the long-term, these types of systems analyses at the cellular level will be important for developing an organ- and system-level understanding of the heart and cardiovascular system, in health and disease.

Refereed journal papers

Hohendanner F, McCulloch A, Blatter LA, Michailova A. (2014) Calcium and IP3 dynamics in cardiac myocytes: Experimental and computational perspectives and approaches. Frontiers in Pharmacology of Ion Channels and Channelopathies: CaMKII in Cardiac Health and Disease (accepted)

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Book chapters

Michailova AP, Edwards AG, Hake J, Hoshijima M, McCulloch AD (2012) Calcium Signaling in Cardiomyocyte Models with Realistic Geometries, CARDIAC ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY: From Cell to Bedside (book chapter) (accepted)