Undergrad Researcher Positions Now Open in CMRG Wet Lab

Active recruitment: Oct 1st- Oct 25th, 2016

Position Description

We are seeking 1-2 new volunteer undergraduate researchers to assist grad students and post docs in our cardiac bioengineering wet lab.

Responsibilities will include experimental setup for a variety of techniques (including optical mapping, papillary muscle mechanics, proteomics study validation), solution prep, micro-patterning, Western blots, Immunofluorescent Imaging and analysis.

Past wet lab experience is preferred, but we are willing to train highly motivated individuals. Must be able to commit at least 12hrs per week. Position will start immediately. UCSD safety trainings and careful experimental technique required. Experience and letters of recommendation available. After 1 quarter of excellent performance, a BE199 course may be an option (dependent on Dr. McCulloch's approval of independent project).

In the past, we've had several dedicated undergrads who've started assisting other researchers in this fashion and have gone on to independent researcher projects that have earned them scholarships, internships, and admission to elite graduate schools. We are looking for these types of people!

Contact: Jennifer Stowe jstowe@ucsd.edu. Send resume with relevant experience and course work.

1 Position for Undergraduate Researcher for Spring and Summer 2015

* FILLED: 2 Positions open in the CMRG wet lab. Students will learn Immuno-Fluorescent (IF) staining, tissue processing and sectioning, microscopy, and image analysis as part of the Virtual Physiological Rat Project. Some wet lab experience preferred (pipeting, solutions, basic lab calculations). 20hrs or less/week during Spring Qtr, full time during summer. Non-UCSD students welcome to apply. Email Jennifer Stowe (jstowe@ucsd.edu) for further details.

* Human electrocardiogram analysis project: We are collaborating with investigators at Scripps Hospital to analyze large numbers of human ECGs and create a statistical database of relevant electrophysiologic parameters for possible disease diagnosis. Project involves digitization of ECGs, mathematical conversion to vector coordinates, and analysis of vector patterns for addition to databases for future statistical evaluation. Some Matlab knowledge required. Contact Dr. Omens for further details (jomens@ucsd.edu).

*Optical mapping project: These experiments entail explanting a mouse heart, keeping the heart beating using a reverse perfusion Langendorff rig, and performing experiments to monitor epicardial membrane potential and volume conducted ECG. The experiments are fun and provide great experience in cardiac physiology, fluorescence microscopy and rodent anatomy. I am looking for an undergraduate student to assist with the experiment twice per week. Availability in the morning (8-10am) or evening (3-5pm) on two days per week (excluding friday) is mandatory. Prior wet-lab experience and/or interest in cardiac electrophysiology are a plus. Email Kevin Vincent for further details (kpvincen@ucsd.edu)