Interdisciplinary Collaboratory Group

This grant supports five graduate students (MS or PhD) to work as part of a new interdisciplinary group advised by faculty in Bioengineering (Andrew McCulloch and Dr. Anushka Michailova), Computer Science (Scott Baden), Neurosciences (Mark Ellisman), Chemistry and Biochemistry (J Andy McCammon), and Mathematics (Michael Holst). The goal of the project is to use high-resolution microscopy and computational modeling to develop a multi-scale computational model of a cardiac myocyte.



Professor and Jacobs Distinguished Scholar Andrew McCulloch (

Associated Project Scientist Anushka Michailova (

Computer Science

Professor Scott Baden (


Professor Mark Ellisman (

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Joseph E. Mayer Chair of Theoretical Chemistry and Distinguished Professor J Andy McCammon (


Professor Michael Holst (



July 7th 12:30 in the BENG hall room 291. Lunch will be provided