Welcome to the UCSD-UCD-UVa Calcium Calmodulin Kinase II Systems Biology Collaboration Page


  • Andrew McCulloch, UCSD, Principal Investigator

  • Donald M. Bers, UCD, Principal Investigator
  • Jeffrey S. Saucerman, UVa
  • Jeffrey Omens, UCSD
  • Joan Heller Brown, UCSD
  • Anushka Michailova, UCSD
  • Andy Edwards, UCSD
  • Britton Boras, UCSD
  • Kevin Vincent, UCSD
  • Colleen Clancy, UCD
  • Leighton Izu, UCD
  • Jose Puglisi, UCD
  • Eli Grandi, UCD
  • Daisuke Sato, UCD