Instructions for Labview in the BE172 lab (room 108)

Labview is used for data acquisition and D/A output in many of the labs of BE172. Details of the Labview vi (virtual instrument) function can be found HERE. In order to use Labview 2014 for data acquisition, you will need to copy the Labview vi (Bioeng.llb) into your account as described on the main course website page.

To run the data acquisition vi, click on the .llb file, then use “Data Acquisition” for A/D conversion via the breakout box on the lab station table. Remember to turn “on” the channels you are using with the toggle switch on the box (either channel 0 or 1). The program will also generate an ECG via the D/A output with the ECG generator vi.

When running our labview vi, do not stop and start the vi with the arrow or red button in the top banner, but use the big green "START" button to start acquisition for the duration as set in "acquisition time". Remember the program only saves data to dis k if you click "Save to File"

If the acquisition system does not seem to be working, the A/D board may need to be INITIALIZED. Try this:

  • Make sure the Labview program is not running on the machine

    Click on Start >> All Programs >> NI Labview 2014 (32-bit)

    From inside Labview, Tools >> Measurement and Automation Explorer

    Under My System, Open "Devices and Interfaces". You should see our acquisition card "NI PCI-6221 "'Dev1'". If not, click "view >> Refresh" from the top menu.

The driver should be initialized. Close all of the windows and run Labview again by clicking on the Bioeng.llb file. If this doesn't work, re-boot the computer (logout) and try again.