Here are wiki pages for the major projects I am working on. This will serve as both a hyperlinked, dated electronic notebook and a rich, living document that will hopefully form the foundation for my dissertation.

Projects Overview

Describes the directions of the projects and how they interact (or will eventually!) to form a cohesive research direction.

Research Tools and Models

Automated Cardiac Measurement System

This page describes the design and implementation of various automation techniques applied to the measurement of heart function under controlled conditions (mainly hypoxia, also temperature control).

GAL4/UAS-RNAi System for Gene Knockdown in Adult Muscle

GFP and immunostaining to validate GAL4 drivers expressing in adult heart. Validation of RNAi knockdown with the UAS system to prove feasibility of large, tissue-specific RNAi screen of heart function

Constraint-based Model of Central Metabolism in Hypoxic Drosophila Myocytes

Here I describe construction of the metabolic network, integration of experimental data, and model validation.

Integrated Drosophila Molecular Interaction Network

Systems Analysis of Hypoxic Drosophila Heart

Brings together the network models (metabolic and protein/gene interaction) with the data (metabolomic, microarray, heart phenotypes) for hypothesis generation. Systems analysis of the effects of genetic perturbations, aging, hypoxia adaptation, and drug combinations.


Hypoxia-adapted flies



Bioengineering Senior Design project

Heartbeat Reversal