How to Print a Poster Thru ACS

Academic Computing Services (ACS) Poster Printing

Steps for Poster Printing with ACS:

1. Locate a computer managed by ACS. There is a computer lab on the first floor of PFBH that has plenty of computers, all with the ACMS drivers loaded. (You can also download the drivers but it is a pain.)

2. Open your poster in Powerpoint. (This might work for .pdf files as well.)

3. Open a web browser and go to

  • CMRG login details:
    • Username: ee31
    • PW: CMRGcplot1

4. Select the cplot_np printer to do a “no print” test. This will do a test print to make sure the dimensions are correct and give you a quote on the price to print.

5. Do not exit the browser page, and return to your Powerpoint poster. Go to File→Print and choose the “HP Designjet T1100ps” printer (do not choose any of the cplot1 printers as it will not work).

6. Click “Printer Properties” to adjust the size of the poster.

7. Go to select paper size, and click More.

8. Scroll through the options to find a paper size that matches the size of your poster. For the standard 36”x48” size, select Arch E. The print size should then be displayed.

9. Click Print.

10. Within a few minutes, an email will be sent to the account manager (Jennifer Stowe, Have her forward you the proof to ensure it will print correctly.

11. Once you have received your proof, return to your browser with the website open and change the printer to your desired poster printer. You have a few options:

  • cplot1_co36 or cplot1_co42: these are both color printers with non-glossy paper. The 36 and 42 correspond to the height of your poster (so for a 36x48 poster choose cplot_co36, or if your poster was 42x54 you would choose the cplot1_co42).
  • cplot1_sg36 or cplot1_sg42: these are color printers printing on semi-glossy paper (better if you have a lot of pictures or images, but costs more $). The 36 and 42 are again the height of the paper.

12. After selecting your desired printer, repeat step 4 to ensure your dimensions are still correct, and click Print.

13. Call 858-534-3261 and let the ACMS people know you are trying to print a poster and they will make sure the paper is loaded and the printer is ready to go.

14. You can check the status of your poster at

15. Once your poster is printed, you can pick it up on the first floor of the APM building.