It is up to the lab meeting presenter to provide refreshments for the meeting if he/she wishes.

Because of recent law suits involving companies providing employees with refreshments (food/drink), which the IRS considers benefits provided to the employees without taxation, the lab can no longer reimburse refreshment expenses for every lab meeting. There is a very strongly-defined criteria for how often employees may be given refreshments (twice per month for light refreshments or once per month for meals, defined by cost per person). The lab would like to use these few instances to continue to provide occasional parties, larger group/collaborator meetings, and other lab events (like large happy hours and celebrations). This is a new UCSD policy, not a lab policy. In addition, Dr. McCulloch has generously agreed to purchase coffee pods for the lab's coffee machine out of his own pocket, as we are no longer able to reimburse for (our specialty) coffee pod purchases either.