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  • This example ...
  • The steps below are saved in a script that can be found in the examples directory on your Continuity client .../continuity/pcty/examples/directory/filename and can be executed automatically with File→Read→Python script

Start Continuity

Create Mesh

Formulate XXXXX Problem

  • If the XXXX menu is not loaded, File→Load Module

    • Select xxxxxxxxCommands and click Load Module

  • Biotransport→Edit Source...

    • In General Parameters tab

      • Enter output in the field next to Write output at nodes:

    • In the Fields definitions tab

      • Change the default Field Numbers from 1,2,3,4,5 to 1,2,2,3,4

      • Set Initial Intracellular Calcium Conc. to 0.1

      • Set Total Intracellular TnC Conc. to 70.0

    • Click OK to submit Edit Source Form

  • Biotransport→Select Solvers...

    • Select Radau in serial mode from ODE Integration pop-up menu

    • Select SuperLU in serial mode from Linear System Solver pop-up menu

  • File→Send

  • Mesh→Calculate Mesh...

  • Mesh→Render Elements...

    • Click surfaces radio button next to Normal to Xi

    • Click Render to display mesh surface

Compute and Render Solutions