Darlene Hunt

Email: dhunt AT ucsd DOT edu

About Me

I graduated from the Bioengineering doctoral program at the University of California, San Diego in 2009, and currently work as a postdoctoral scholar with Dr. Andrew McCulloch as a member of the Cardiac Mechanics Research Group at UCSD.


My research focused on post-myocardial infarction (MI) healing in the MRL mouse, a strain capable of regenerating through-and-through ear hole punches and cryoprobe injury to the right ventricle. We and others have shown that MRL mice survive MI better than the commonly used C57BL/6J (C57) strain. Completed work submitted for publication includes a microarray analysis to help understand the mechanisms underlying increased survival in the MRL, quantification of RNA expression, tissue-level assays to confirm microarray and RNA data, and measurement of chronic infarct scar remodeling.


  • Jacot JG, Martin JC, Hunt DL (2010). Mechanobiology of cardiomyocyte development. J Biomech 43:93-98.

  • Hunt DL, Campbell PH, Jones Y, Harwood F, Amiel D, Omens JH, McCulloch AD (2008). Effects of biglycan deficiency on myocardial infarct structure and mechanics. Mol Cell Biomech 5:27-35. PDF file

Oral Presentations

Hunt DL, Campbell PH, Zambon A, Vranizan K, Omens JH, McCulloch AD at Experimental Biology 2008

Poster Presentations

Experimental Biology 2010
UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering Research Expo, 2008 (poster competition semifinalist)
Gordon Research Conference: Tissue Repair and Regeneration, 2007
UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering Research Expo, 2007
International Society of Applied Cardiovascular Biology Satellite Meeting, 2006

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