BENG 230C Physiology Final Paper

Due Friday June 12th at noon. Please email your MS Word or PDF file to Dr. McCulloch and Tyler Seibert.

As discussed in class, write a paper (up to ten single-spaced 12 point pages including a complete list of references), that:

  1. describes a research question or problem in one aspect of cardiovascular physiology covered in class. This aspect may involve a disease or abnormality of the normal physiology covered in this course;
  2. summarizes in detail at least one specific and important experimental study addressing the overall question; and
  3. summarizes and critically analyzes at least one mathematical/computational model study of this problem and discusses how the model analysis contributes to physiological understanding, what its limitations were and how it could be improved.

You should cite at least three papers and include hyperlinks or copies of at least those three papers with your report. One of the papers should be a significant review article that puts the research problem in context. One should be the original paper describing the key experimental study or studies you focus on. And one should be a model paper that analyzes the experimental findings either directly or indirectly. (i.e. it is not required that the model paper specifically address the experimental paper but it should be directly pertinent to the specific experimental question if it does not specifically address the experimental study).