Prerequisite Knowledge for BENG 226

You need to have firm working knowledge of the following fundamental definitions and concepts in Biomechanics:

  • first order and second partial differential equations
  • use of tensor index notation
  • orthogonal transformations
  • material derivatives
  • material derivative of a volume integral
  • physics of gases, liquid – solid phases
  • chemical concentrations, partial pressure of mixtures
  • resultant force and moments
  • inertial, viscous forces
  • stress and stress deviator components, pressure
  • traction vector to describe internal forces, Cauchy relationship
  • principal stress, principal directions, invariants
  • strain, strain – displacement relationship
  • rate of deformation tensor
  • basic material properties: isotropy
  • constitutive equations for linear fluids and solids
  • conservation of mass
  • conservation of momentum, equilibrium conditions
  • Navier equations for an isotropic solid
  • Navier Stokes equations for an incompressible fluid

Dr. McCulloch's Continuum Mechanics Review notes