BENG 161A Bioreactor Engineering

Spring Quarter, 2007


Homework #1 Due 10/9/07 (Combined assignment)

Homework #1 Homework #1 reading (Yang et al.) Homework #2


Genentech PDRP

Tesitmonial from a recent UCSD BTEC graduate:

"I am Jenny, a recent graduate from UCSD Bioengineering: Biotech. I am currently employed by Genentech through their new Process Development Rotational Program (PDRP) for recent college graduates or masters. We are in the process of recruiting the 2nd group for August, 2008. I think it is a great career opportunity for UCSD bioengineers...

My education and experience with BENG 161 A-B, and BENG 162 helped me tremendously with my interviews with Genentech. The PDRP is similar to how BENG 162 is structured. Each associate will have a 6-month period to rotate through a sub-department in Process Development where he or she has an individual project to complete. I am in my first rotation: purification, where I am applying a lot of skills and knowledge from BENG 162 (HPLC) and BENG 161 B (Bioseparation Engineering). Other rotations include cell culture where background with [BENG161A] bioreactor engineering comes very handy."

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