How to load a Model from Database/Library


=== Description ===

  • This example shows how to load a model from the Continuity database.You should have installed Continuity by this time.

Following are the steps...

  • Go to File->Library->Search as shown in the screenshot

  • libsrch.jpg
  • A search window will come up as shown in the screenshot
  • srchwindow.jpg
  • Suppose you want to load Biomechanics Tutorial #1

    • Go to that line which says Biomechanics Tutorial #1 and you see that it will be highlighted in yellow color as shown in the screenshot

    • selectmodel.jpg
    • Right click on Biomechanics Tutorial #1 and you will see a little form open up as shown in the screenshot

    • loadmodel.jpg
    • Now click on Load

  • You are successful loading a model