How to Install a Continuity Patch


  • Sometimes between Continuity releases it is necessary to issue minor updates. The easiest way to get the updates to the user is through a simple patch script that will update the new files on a user's installation of Continuity. The script will make backup copies of the files that are to be updated, should the user decide to go back to the unmodified version or should the installation of the new files not complete correctly.
  • The steps below show how to use the Continuity patch script to update Continuity.

Updating Continuity with the patch

  • For Windows and Macintosh computers download the current patch:

  • Unzip the script into the Continuity root directory where Continuity is installed. For Windows default installations that is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Continuity\Continuity 6.4b. For Mac default installations, that is at /Applications/continuity.
  • After unzipping the patch file, a new directory named 'continuity_patch' should have been created which will contain the new patch files and a script that will perform the update. This directory should exist in the same directory that 'pcty' directory is in.
  • Now execute the script to perform the update: For Windows computers, double-click on the 'winInstaller.bat' file, for Mac computers double-click the 'macInstaller.command' file.
  • A window should pop up showing the progress of the script and will mention what files are going to be updated and if the update was successful or not.
  • Start Continuity to allow the new files to be used by Continuity.


Should the script not complete successfully, the update can be performed manually by following these instructions.

  • Unzip the patch files for the proper machine, either or, for Windows and Mac computers respectively.
  • A new directory named 'pcty' will have been created, and inside that directory will likely be more directories and following those directories down will eventually lead to a file. This list of directories (otherwise know as a directory tree) is the mapping of where the new file needs to go within the existing installation of Continuity.
  • Using the directory tree as a guide, first make a copy of the file in the existing Continuity installation that is going to be updated, and then finally copy over the new patch file to replace the one in the existing Continuity installation.
  • Start Continuity to allow the new files to be used by Continuity.