Model Compiling Help for BENG 112A

If you are receiving error messages when trying to compile from the model editors (Material Coordinates, Constitutive, ect.) please try to following suggestions.

All Platforms

  • Close out Continuity, open it back up and double check your equations. Remember each variable must be included in its definition (i.e. type dY_dMatl = eye(3) and not just eye(3))

  • Close out Continuity, open it back up and double check that the correct equations are still in your model editors. After something compiles correctly or is updated, be sure to click the 'OK' button in the pop up screen. If you 'X' out of a screen after compiling of making changes, those changes are not saved. If you open up one of the model editor forms, and the proper equations are missing, it is possible that you closed the window and did not press 'OK'.
  • Give up. Use the computers in PFBH 161.

Windows only

  • Be sure you are running Continuity as a an administrator. Right click on the Continuity icon and click Run as Administrator. You can select Properties and change the advanced settings to run Continuity as an administrator by default.

  • If you have a space in your computer's name, it results in an installation problem. Download BuildSystem.pyc and replace the file in pcty/server/utils. Close Continuity and try again.

Mac only