Accessing the source off campus

Because of heightened nbcr security, you might find yourself unable to use Tortoise SVN to access the source code, because you have a dynamic IP address. If you find yourself in this situation, this is what I'd do...

  • Log into a server that mounts be-eagles. If you don't know of such a server, ask Fred Lionetti of Chris Airress about it.
  • From your be-eagles mounting server, download Continuity using SVN as described here

  • Export continuity. This should get rid of unneeded SVN files. (it should take < 6 minutes):

    • svn export cont_dev cont_export
  • Remove any large directories you don't need. I'd recommend:
    • rm -rf cont_export/solutions
      rm -rf cont_export/linuxlib
      rm -rf cont_export/darwinlib
  • Tar the resulting exported Continuity directory ( < 20 seconds).

    • tar -czf cont_export.tgz cont_export/  
  • Using SSH Secure File Transer, or WinSCP, transfer cont_export.tgz to your windows machine ( < 5 minutes depending upon your internet connection)

  • Extract cont_export.tgz on your windows machine (using WinRar)

  • Follow steps 14-17 described here

  • Good luck!