Webservice Build System

  1. Download files

  2. build_EP_dynamic
    • Contains the scripts called by the opal server to setup and run the webservice.
    • Most of the work you'll need to do will involve modifying build_EP_dynamic.py to remove hard coded paths and to work for Linux.
  3. tabbed_to_fortran.py
    • It looks like the webservice requires a Fortran file as input. This script can be used to convert a tabbed file to a Fortran file by making use of the Continuity machinery. It requires that the CONTINUITYPATH environment variable is defined with the correct path to a Continuity installation.
    • Run python tabbed_to_fortran.py your_tabbed_file.txt

    • This will produce output.f
  4. bmsourceTools / sourceTools
    • Contains files required by build_EP_dynamic.py to build.
    • Both directories contain "configure.in" scripts which serves as input to autoconf. The build environment on your machine must be setup properly if this is going to work correctly. As a test, type "autoconf" and then "./configure" in one of these directories and make sure that configure can find the appropriate compilers (ifort) and libraries. You probably need to set IFC_LIB_PATH to point to the intel fortran compiler binaries in your .bashrc script like this:
      • export IFC_LIB_PATH="/c/Progra~1/Intel/Compiler/Fortran/10.1.011/Ia32/Lib"
  5. bmdynamic/epdynamic
    • Contains additional files required by build_EP_dynamic.py. You shouldn't need to modify anything in this directory, but build_EP_dynamic.py will need to be modified to find it.