BENG 276 Assignment4

We are launching the project phase of the class.

Form groups of 2-3 students, preferably inter-departmental / inter-disciplinary, by Tuesday Feb 19th and come up with a general idea of your project. We would like you to use at least two different tools from the class, although you may also incorporate another tool you find relevant to the project.

You will generally be working on the project during lab hours, however the classroom/multimedia lab does have some open daytime hours when other classes are not scheduled. Please see the calendar on the room door (PFBH 161) to avoid other class hours.

Email the TAs at by Tuesday, Feb 19 with a project topic proposal. This a simple 1-2 sentence statement of theme which you will be able to iteratively develop over the next few weeks, but we'd like you to have an idea of direction at this point.