How to Treat Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Glucose)

Low blood sugar must be treated immediately by giving foods with simple sugars (15g of carbohydrate), such as:

  • 4 glucose tablets,
  • sugar candy (not chocolate), such as 3 packets of smarties
  • half a cup of fruit juice
  • half a can of regular (not diet) soda

Wait 10-15 minutes, test blood glucose again and give solid food if more than an hour before the next meal. If you suspect that Jeremy has low blood glucose, never leave him unattended because he could lose consciousness.

Jeremy is the normally the best judge of his condition. Children with diabetes who are not allowed to eat snacks when required, are at high risk of hypoglycemia. Left untreated, hypoglycemia can lead to loss of consciousness, convulsions and coma.

If he is lethargic, shaky, incoherent or confused, help him to test himself and take a glucose tablet, fruit juice or non-diet soda immediately. Treat first if necessary.

If he is unable to drink or take a sugar tablet, use the cake icing glucose gel pack in his bag.

  • Squeeze it into his mouth between his gums and lips or cheeks
  • Massage his cheeks and lips so the sugar is rapidly absorbed.

If there is no response in 15 minutes, he may go into convulsion or lose consciousness. In that event, give nothing by mouth:

  • Lie him on his side in a safe place because he will vomit and risks choking.
  • Call a parent or 911 and be prepared to administer glucagon.

  • His glucagon injector is in an orange or red plastic container.
  • Inject the water from the syringe into the vial containing the white powder.
  • Rotate but do not shake the vial to mix.

  • Draw up a dose (1 mg) and inject it into the muscle in the top of his thigh.
  • Seek urgent medical attention.