Jeremy should eat regular meals and must count his carbohydrates:

Jeremy must always have ready access to a quick-acting sugar source such as glucose tablets, sugar candy, fruit drink or non-diet soda (in case of hypoglycemia) and may need to stop an activity to test his blood glucose and take a snack. Never deny or delay his request to test his blood or have a snack. It could quickly become an emergency.

Before eating, Jeremy may ask for your help estimating the carbohydrate content in grams of foods so that he can calculate his pre-meal insulin dose. He has an app on his phone that can help. A good website is Packaged foods typically include this information.Advance warning of meal times is helpful.

Jeremy is also allergic to nuts, peaches, fish and chicken. His supply bag has antihistamine pills and an EpiPen for emergencies. Chicken causes his throat to itch but has not been associated with more serious reactions yet. His nut sensitivity is not so great that he can't even be near nuts like some people. If he accidentally ingests almonds, peanuts or peaches, he may have a life-threatening reaction. He should take Benedryl antihistamine tablets, and be monitored for signs of swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat, difficulty breathing or hives. If he shows these signs call 911 and be prepared to administer the epinephrine into his thigh with the EpiPen injector.

Glucose tablets
Benedryl tablets
EpiPen injector